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First Responder Aircraft Recovery & Accident Training

​​There’s a high probability that if you live in New England, your town is closely situated to an airport. Will your First Responders know how to manage an aircraft accident? How will they communicate to the pilot? Will they know what aircraft components they are looking at?  Mass Aviation Specialists have been providing an aircraft systems level, detailed training program to communities and First Responders for over 10 years. Collaborating with your Fire Fighters, Ambulance, Police officers and other emergency training personnel, we offer dedicated classroom training with a Syllabus that will stay with your program. In addition to classroom training, Mass Aviation Specialist will provide ongoing annual support for any new hires or changes in your program.

  • Dedicated Classroom Training

  • Comprehensive Syllabus

  • Ongoing Annual Support

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Cirrus Carsh.jpg
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